Our convenings sometimes operate as informal learning networks, bringing together a group of philanthropists and their agents around a topic of shared interest, such as branding and communications, community organizing, or race and equity in education. These gatherings give funders an opportunity to hear from each other, practitioners, and experts about what's happening around a particular issue, share information, and explore potential strategies for more effective philanthropy.

Alternatively, Impact for Education also hosts regular convenings of philanthropists and their agents who seek more strategic alignment in their philanthropy with other philanthropists focused on similar issues in a given geography. These philanthropists share a mission — such as expanding access to high quality schools in a particular state — and meet regularly to strategize, coordinate, and problem-solve together.

No matter the nature of the convening, whether it's gathering a group of philanthropists and their agents for a series of experiential trips or facilitated learning networks among philanthropists and their agents investing in a particular place, our convenings allow our clients to deepen their understanding, amplify their voices, and, ultimately, to further the impact of their efforts individually or as a collective. 

Convenings are initiated by current advising clients, new clients, or by the Impact for Education team on the basis of a perceived need in the field.