We want to show that smart philanthropy works. 
When it comes to tackling challenges as complex as those in public education, philanthropic leadership really matters. We — and our clients — are seeking to seed the field by getting results that inspire many others to get engaged and invest in highly leveraged opportunities for making change.

We are independent advisors.
Our clients trust us to always offer our honest assessment of what we think is best for children and for impact — not just to tell them what they want to hear. We structure our client relationships to support this independence, allowing us to avoid happy talk, risk aversion, and other principal-agent problems that undermine the impact of so much philanthropy.

We do not have a single perspective on how best to achieve the systemic change in public education that we and our clients seek.
We do, however, have a point of view. We continually seek to refine our understanding of how the world of public education actually works and we go — as do our clients — where the evidence leads us. 

We are in this for as long as it takes - and our clients are too.
We believe that transforming public education in this country and the politics that surround it is both essential and absolutely possible. Doing so requires fierce urgency and the discipline to invest patient philanthropic capital — not only in innovative programs, but in politics and advocacy too. While we will make and measure progress continuously, we understand that we are not going to get all the way there in the next school year or in the next election cycle.

We care deeply about the education of children in this country.
We fundamentally believe in the transformative power of education and that we can only live up to our greatest potential as a country by investing in all our children. And so we - and our clients - understand that our success is ultimately measured by the positive impact we have on the lives of children.